Why Math Matters: It’s Everywhere!

Like the title suggests, math really is everywhere! Math can be found in almost every job, in the construction of our homes and schools, in the food we cook, and in the sports we play. Opportunities for children to build their critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills are ever present in math. Real-world examples can help build connections between lessons learned in the classroom and the world outside. By encouraging children to explore their environments, they are also exploring a world of math.

How does exploring your environment have anything to do with math?

When a child does the following, they are engaging in math:

  • Counting and sorting objects into groups by shape, color, type, or texture
  • Checking the temperature on a thermometer
  • Baking a cake or brownies
  • Helping with household chores

There are so many other ways that math exists in this world that can be explored in a fun and creative way. For example, road trips with the family in which you make it a game to predict the arrival time based on the trip’s mileage and average speed. Or another example, making dinner and seeing who can correctly double a recipe the fastest. Almost anything can be made a game, so why not add in some math? (Yes, the pun was intended).

It is safe to say that math really is everywhere, so why not embrace it? Math is not always a big intimidating equation written on a whiteboard in a classroom. Math is counting, sorting, cataloging, measuring, observing, and so much more. All of which you can do by simply exploring your backyard or baking a cake!

This is why math matters.