Teaching Math Facts to Struggling Students

This article will help you better understand the importance of math facts and how to help your struggling students learn them.

Many students find themselves unable to memorize their math facts with the instruction they receive at school, which is why it is imperative to explore other learning strategies to help them master this concept.

This article covers some of these learning strategies, and specifically address the following questions:

What are basic math facts?

Basic math facts are the computations of single digit numbers 0-9 using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Students are taught to memorize math facts rather than calculate the answer each time the problem is posed. For example, students should know the answer to 8 x 9 automatically if they’ve properly memorized their math facts.

The degree to which students are expected to have these math facts memorized varies by grade level, but by the time they leave elementary school, there may not be an opportunity to learn these foundational facts in a school setting again, as upper level grades focus more on the application of the basic math facts.

The students would then have to learn these math facts on their own to catch-up with their classmates.

Why is it important to memorize math facts?

It is crucial that young learners memorize math facts because they are the foundation of more complex mathematical concepts.

Students who fail to solidify their basic math facts knowledge suffer in the long run because of their inability to advance as quickly as their peers. As a result, these students will be less inclined to challenge themselves in a more difficult environment. This can result in fear of math or math anxiety.

Having to struggle with the basics can be devastating to their ability to master new concepts and meet their full potential. Furthermore, memorizing math facts enable students to be better prepared for elementary-level standardized math tests, which are mostly word problems.

What is the best way to teach math facts?

There are a number of different methods to use when trying to memorize any information. The top recommendation is to write it down. Have your child write out basic math facts regularly in order to improve their recall.

Another method is to have them practice saying them aloud. Each student has a different learning style, it’s important to try a few things out in order to see what works best.

Our advice is to try making learning these math facts fun! Get out some dice, encourage creativity or involve the use of electronic devices.

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