Boost your child's math confidence

Boost your child's math & spelling confidence today!

What is Sqooasha?

, is a term that’s used for people who are in the top 5% of their field. It is often used to describe people with brilliant minds. You don’t have to be in the top 5% of anything to use this platform, but as little as 13.21 minutes of practice on Sqooasha, five days a week, will give you the necessary boost towards becoming a Sqooasha®.

Our mascots are here to be your children's companion on their Sqooasha® journey!


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boy having fun with sqooasha

"Ever since I started using it, practicing English and Math with my child became so much fun and not frustrating for him at all. He really enjoys using it, and I am so happy he likes it."

Dima Kontar

Raleigh, NC

boy grinning working on sqooasha

"My son Cameron has been trying out the program for a few days and he actually really likes it! He enjoys working the problem out on a piece of paper and then putting in his answer. We are going to continue to use the program"

Natalie Okosa

New York, NY

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A little practice can go a long way.

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Platinum Plan
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instant grading
Full access to the mobile app
instant grading
Access to math practice modules, video tutorials, and test sessions
instant grading
Access to complete advanced math test sessions including fractions and decimals
instant grading
Instant grading of your child's work (so you don’t have to do it!)
instant grading
Access to spelling practice
instant grading
Access to complete worksheet set
instant grading
Weekly progress reports sent through email
instant grading
Add up to 5 student users to your account

Mobile Application

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Why choose Sqooasha?

Without Sqooasha


  • Random mobile app with inappropriate ads
  • Your child learns alone
  • You hunt for worksheets with no solutions
  • When your child is done, you do the grading

With Sqooasha


  • Mobile app with no ads
  • Your child learns and competes with friends
  • Downloadable worksheets with solutions
  • Instant grading and progress display

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