Math & The News: Extreme Weather Events

Can math help predict extreme weather conditions? Predicting the future of extreme weather events and their impact on human life, the environment, and vulnerable wildlife locally and globally is an ever-important task that is becoming increasingly the responsibility of statisticians. Statisticians are experts in the preparation and analysis of statistics. They are crucial in the ways of research and prediction. So, can statisticians use math to predict extreme weather events?

The answer is yes. With the recent development of new weather models, the complex nature of the intense data collection and statistical analysis involved in climate research and weather prediction has become increasingly easier with newer technology. Weather models, complex numerical models based on physics, can now compute faster and with far better accuracy due to the work of brilliant minds. Statisticians can analyze these weather models along with direct observations to learn about Earth’s climate, thus aiding in the prediction process!

Without math, statisticians would be out of a job altogether and so many advancements in protecting human life and the environment would cease. Computers would not be able to be improved upon – ultimately resulting in a slowed, or non-existent, development in weather prediction. So, in the end, math is critical in the development of technology that at the end of the day saves lives!

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