Do They Use Math? A Day in the Life of a Geologist

When would a geologist ever use math? Why would a geologist need to use math? You may be surprised to learn that geologist use math often and with almost everything they do.

A geologist is a scientist who studies Earth’s physical structure and substance, both in solid and liquid form. Geologists actively study geology, but also look into subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Their studies and discoveries help us learn more about our planet and its history.

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A bachelor’s degree is absolutely necessary, but it is highly suggested that you get a master’s or doctorate degree as well if you hope to earn more money in the long run. It is important to also select a specialty area of study or concentration in fields like paleontology, mineralogy, or volcanology. Most geologists advise taking up a math minor due to math’s importance in all sciences.

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When Math Is Used

In order to use the tools that geologist use while in the field, like geomagnetic field models and scientific geo-mapping technology, math is essential. Moreover, geomagnetic field models are used specifically for navigation, geophysical surveys, oil production, and in scientific studies – all of which requires extensive knowledge of linear algebra, statistics, and geometry. You can read more about this topic at