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What is Sqooasha?

Sqooasha, pronounced , is a term that’s used for people who are in the top 5% of their field. It is often used to describe people with brilliant minds. You don’t have to be in the top 5% of anything to use this platform, but as little as 13.21 minutes of practice on Sqooasha, five days a week, will give you the necessary boost towards becoming a Sqooasha®.

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What We Offer

Tools to assist on your Sqooasha® journey.



  • Spelling practice
  • Interesting math factoids
  • Shape confidence in math skills
  • Hands-on exercises



  • Unlimited questions
  • Both challenging and fun
  • Earn points
  • Tailored problem sets



  • Video lessons
  • Clear and straightforward
  • Comprehensive demonstrations
  • Tips and tricks for success



  • Weekly summary of progress
  • Concentration on problem areas
  • Lesson suggestions
  • Historical performance tracking

Here's what you get

  • Access to the mobile app (practice section only)
  • Access to math practice modules and video tutorials
  • Access to spelling practice
  • Access to partial worksheet set
  • Instant grading of your child's work (so you don’t have to do it!)
  • Add up to 5 student users to your account


Robert Vargas

Tampa, FL

"Our kids Roberto (9 yrs), Nicolas (8 yrs) and Andrea (5 yrs) are always looking for opportunities to earn some money. My wife and I decided that we are only paying our kids for doing educational activities and not for chores as other parents do. Sqooasha provides an excellent platform for our kids to sharpen their math skills while accumulating "points" that they can redeem for money after achieving certain goals. Our kids love the fact that they can earn 'bonus points' based on the difficulty level of the problems they solve."

Vanessa Morgan

Corpus Christi, TX

"My son is currently using Sqooasha to reinforce math facts. He enjoys the friendly voice that encourages him each time he answers a question correctly. The colorful monster that instructs him is fun and lively. I personally like the instructional videos that walk him through common math concepts step by step. I also like that the level is displayed below each video to show the correlation to the problems that are covered in that video. This helps me know which level to choose from the home screen to reinforce the video's concept. Thank you for providing this service!!!"

Ijeoma Nwanze

Houston, Tx

"My daughter is 7 and looks forward to practicing her math. Sqooasha has made a big impact on her math skills which is encouraging. With this program, we know she can only continue to improve."

Why choose Sqooasha?

Without Sqooasha


  • Random mobile app with inappropriate ads
  • Your child learns alone
  • You hunt for worksheets daily
  • When your child is done, you do the grading

With Sqooasha


  • Mobile app with no ads
  • Your child learns and competes with friends
  • New, different, downloadable worksheets daily
  • Instant grading and progress display


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