3 Digit Addition with Regrouping
A video cover image on 3 digit addition with regrouping to help students master adding 3 digit numbers with regrouping.
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Mastering 3-digit Addition
with Regrouping

What is Regrouping?

Regrouping, commonly called borrowing or carrying over, is the process of forming groups of tens to solve addition or subtraction problems. Although regrouping can be used to solve both addition and subtraction problems, this section will only address adding 3 digit numbers with regrouping. Examples of three digit addition with regrouping are provided in the video below.

On this page the following items are presented:

  • A video on how to teach 3 digit addition with regrouping.
  • Some free 'adding 3 digit numbers with regrouping' worksheets.
  • A free assessment tool that increases in difficulty based on student's performance.
  • Additional regrouping resources including free worksheets.
  • A supplementary tool to solidify the '3 digit addition with regrouping' concept.

Video on 3 digit Addition with Regrouping

A '3-digit Addition with Regrouping' Resource

An important part of the learning process is to practice the addition-with-regrouping concepts you've just learned to solidify your understanding of the material. To assist with this practice, we've provided some free worksheets on adding 3-digit numbers with regrouping to get you started.

Math Assessment

On Sqooasha, your students are provided with various tools to practice and solidify their mathematical skills. For them to effectively use these tools, we recommend that you determine their level on Sqooasha. You can determine the Sqooasha level of your students by having them take the free math assessment. The assessment tool starts from basic math up to 3 digit addition with regrouping and up, depending on the student's performance on the basic questions.

Worksheets on Adding 3 Digit Numbers with Regrouping

Thank you for visiting Sqooasha. If you need more worksheets than the free ones that have been provided, you can access worksheets on addition and subtraction on our worksheets page. You can also access additional free worksheets with solutions, which cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and randomized worksheets, combined as a bundle of worksheets, by clicking the "Free Worksheets" button below.

Sqooasha Platform

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You may also want to check out our Subtraction with Regrouping page. We hope to see you again soon.